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Electronic pressure control EDR

Technical specifications

Protection class
IP 40
gaseous media
Electronic sensor; Electronic switch
Voltage type
Alternating current (AC) – single-phase, Direct current (DC)
250 V AC
≤ 250 V
Pressure range (bar)
≤ 16 Bar
Pressure coupling


Relief valve
no EV or AEV possible
Overload relay
not possible
Cage clamps
max. media temperature

-20°C bis +60°C

Short Description

Electronic pressure switch with integrated relative pressure sensor for panel board mounting. The device evaluates the applied pressure. On exceeding an upper threshold the relay is deactivated; when falling below a lower threshold the relay is activated again. Both thresholds are adjustable.


  • Compressors

At a glance

  • Relay output
  • Output signal: 0 – 10 V
  • Pressure range up to 16 bar

The EDR turns on, for example, a solenoid valve when the lower level is reached. When reaching the upper treshold the solenoid valve will be turned off again. The upper and lower level will be set with the potentiometers. At the terminal (2.5 mm jack plug, analogue voltage signal 0 .. 10V), could be connected for example a digital display. Equipped with quick-connect for pneumatic tube, two fixed adjustable switching points, relay output (isolated SPDT), analogue voltage output 0-10 V via jack plug (look at accessories) and isolating transformer acc. to VDE 0550.

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