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Riding arena controls

Irrigation for riding arenas
with ebb and flow system

With a Condor riding arena watering system, you always have an optimal riding arena surface for riders and horses. Not just daily training, but especially national and international tournaments pose high demands on the floor conditions of riding arenas. A Condor riding arena control including levelness sensors ENS, a precision moisture sensor in combination with the "Ebb-Flow System", creates an optimal and balanced soil moisture. Through equalization shafts, the system maintains the water level in the construction of the riding surface constant; either by pumping off or supplying water.

Riding arena controls

Filling and draining for
riding arena and riding hall

The Condor riding arena control system is used for automatic filling and draining of riding arenas and riding halls. Whether indoor or outdoor, the control system ensures a constant moisture level and keeps the floor elastic and easy to maintain by doing so.

What is meant by an ebb and flow system?

Just like at a beach with tidal waves, the sand becomes dry and loose during the 'Ebb' phase, making it deep and well-drained. In contrast, during the 'Flood' phase, the sand is wet or even soggy, and the surface becomes soft and muddy. In both cases, it's difficult to walk on or prepare for riding. However, between 'Ebb' and 'Flood', there is a water level that allows the riding surface to maintain optimal firmness without becoming dusty or muddy. The goal is to find and maintain this optimal water level. A riding arena built according to the 'Ebb-Flood System' aims to achieve a consistent moisture level.

Horse riding arena irrigation:
Ebb and flow systems for optimal ground conditions

After subsoil planning and ground preparation, a specialized foil is used to create an oversized bathtub. Within this, the necessary drainage and collection pipes are laid down, which are then connected to one or multiple (located outside the riding arena) compensation shafts. The water level in the riding surface build-up is maintained at a constant level through pumping or watering, controlled via the compensation shafts. Above the created pipe system, several layers consisting of drainage sand, drainage fabric, and a special treading layer are applied. By mixing in additives such as fleece, fiber, and web fragments, extreme evaporation of moisture during summer and freezing during winter is prevented. At the same time, this increases the walking surface's firmness even further.


  • Automatic fill and drain
  • Individually selectable moisture level
  • Winter operation (Frost Protector)
  • Housing in protection class IP66
  • High-quality base equipment (e.g. heating, surge protection)
  • Color Touch TFT Display (illuminated)
  • Service- and maintenance-friendly
  • Utilization of reserved areas in the future

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